Custom Pet Portrait


Who needs a preserved cookie pet portrait made completely out of edible ingredients? Absolutely no one! Who NEEDS a preserved Cookie Pet portrait? Every pet owner, of course.

Get (or gift) a very unique animal portrait. Hand drawn, hand cut, hand painted and professionally preserved with resin by me! Each portrait takes 5+ hours, I will be limiting the amount of portraits I do per month. 

How ordering works - Once you place your order, I will contact you via email to get several photos of your pet and find out what frame color you want! White, Black, or Gold. From the photos provided, I will create their portrait. The better the image quality, the better for me! 

SIZE- The shadow box frames are 8x8 or 8x10. I will determine the best fit based off the cookie orientation.

Shipping - Because these cookies are not edible (from the resin) I am able to ship these anywhere in the US. Shipping will be $15 for materials plus the actual shipping cost. Once the portrait is shipped, an invoice will be sent with the exact shipping charge!

If you want to pick up the portrait and save on shipping, I am located in Glendale.

Turn Around Time - Orders will be fulfilled within 3 weeks of the order being placed. For example: If you need an exact date, please let me know before purchasing.