Hi! I’m Katie Arambula, Cookie Artist & Owner of The Sweet Pea Cookie Co. What started as a cookie video binge-watching obsession in 2019 has turned into my own Licensed Home Based Bakery located in Los Angeles, California!

I was born in Pasadena, California. At the age of Three my family moved to the Bay Area. This is where I grew up until the age of Seventeen. At which point I moved back to Los Angeles (this time, on my own).

Growing up in a creative household... creativity feels natural to me. At the age of Twenty I was making a living by selling my artwork (mostly canvas). And although I love to paint, it never felt like the thing I would always do. When someone would ask what my style or subject was, I didn’t know what to say because I painted whatever I wanted to. Standing up to public criticism and all the things that go along with it were not interesting to me. Don’t worry, I still love to paint :)

Once I started decorating sugar cookies, everything felt like it fell into place. I get to create new designs and be as creative as I want without having to explain myself or have some profound story attached. The best part? That you have to eat the art! Because in my world, there’s always room for dessert.

My goal is to help you create a special, memorable event or occasion with my cookies. Details and design are just as important as flavor to me.

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